Trance Player

Can a media player also be a First-Person experience?

In 2021, we at Leka Studios had the pleasure of working with Exist in Sound on TrancePlayer. This is our first published software which is available for both Android and PC. TrancePlayer is a virtual club where people around the globe can not only use the environment to experience a trance album in 3D offline, but also can listen to and take part in live events that our friends at Exist in Sound hold. 

The product is currently being used as a means for accommodating an array of resident DJs and guest artists from every corner of the world. With the help of this radio station gone virtual venue we have created the world’s first, First-Person Media Player (FPMP) where the users can enjoy some of the best beats while exploring the interiors of a spaceship.

TrancePlayer is created in Unreal Engine and remains the only media player that immerses the users into a virtual environment with 24/7 live music and events.

Exist in Sound is a US-based trance artist who delivers a unique mix of ethereal sounds and quality bass progression.

Early prototypes made in Blender.


The vision was clean, futuristic and fun. Together with Exist in Sound, we have developed the Tranceplayer from an idea to what has been described by livestreamers as “a beautiful spaceship”.

In addition to being able to download the TrancePlayer on your PC/Android device, you can watch a livestream of it on Twitch — head to Exist in Sound’s Twitch to see it for yourself!