Couch Co-op Game

Untitled Debut

We are planning to make our debut title about the adventures of two tigers. In this couch coop platformer, our goal is to combine the narrative with beautiful aesthetics and fun game mechanics to bring about an enjoyable experience for you and your friend, partner, or sibling. 


Early prototypes of our soon-to-be debut game.. The screenshots on this page are taken in an early stage of the game, when we were trying to work out the platforming mechanics as well as the direction for the aesthetics of the game. 

The yet untitled couch co-op game is an ambitious project with a simple mission statement: bring people together with games! 

With a Strong Focus On Teamwork

the game is set to bring out the best in friends, roommates, lovers and siblings!

The goal is to combine three core elements to create a brand new cooperative experience for children and adults alike: rich narrative, compelling visuals, and mobility. We are currently working on a two-player-only demo which will be released to the public on our page. Our goal for the demo is to see what you think about the pacing, challenges, and the aesthetics of a level. We believe in involving the community in our decision making and are infinitely thankful for your support.

We aim to release the game in 2023.